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Hello!!! I'm selling away my k8 stuff to fund my studies overseas. Please help! I'm selling my stuff at very heavily discounted prices (most are brand new or still sealed in the plastic packaging!!) Will throw in freebies with any purchase!

A lot of the items are brand new, as I usually buy them for collection purposes and don't open/unwrap them at all! I will only open and flip through the items once IF the plastic packaging is the resealable type. All second-hand items are in very very good condition! :-)

All items are shipped from Singapore. Overseas buyers are welcomed but you'd have to bear all shipping costs and PayPal fees. Prices stated below are SGD. Please PM me if you're an international buyer. (Prices in USD will be slightly less than those stated below)

Concert DVDs
- KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR!! 8EST 初回限定盤 *unwrapped, disc played once $75
- KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR JUKE BOX 初回限定盤 *SEALED, disc never played $80
- 十祭 初回限定盤 *SEALED, disc never played $50
- 関ジャニズム LIVE TOUR 2014→2015 初回限定盤 *SEALED, disc never played $80

- 8EST 初回限定盤B (Compilation album) *unwrapped, disc played once $50
- JUKE BOX 初回限定盤A *SEALED, disc never played $40
- 急☆上☆Show!! 通常盤 *second-hand $5
- へそ曲がり/ここにしかない景色 初回限定盤B *SEALED, disc never played $12
- 涙の答え 初回限定盤A *flipped through once, disc never played $10
- キング オブ 男! 初回限定盤B *unwrapped due to lucky draw event, disc never played $10
- キング オブ 男! 通常盤 *unwrapped due to lucky draw event, disc never played $10

- CONCERT TOUR 2006 Funky Tokyo Osaka Nagoya *second-hand $15
- 関ジャニ∞ えっ!ホンマ!?ビックリ!!TOUR 2007 *second-hand $15
- KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR 2008 ∞だよ!全員集合 *second-hand $15
- KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR 2008 ∞だよ!全員集合 夏だ!ツアーだ!!ワッハッハー!!! *second-hand $15
- 関ジャニ∞ TOUR 2∞9 PUZZLE *second-hand $15
- KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR JUKE BOX *flipped through once $18
- 十祭 *flipped through once $18
- 関ジャニズム LIVE TOUR 2014→2015 *flipped through once $18 (not in pic)
- エイトレンジャー Eito Rangers *second-hand $10

All second-hand items are in very very good condition!
Will throw in freebies with any purchase!!!

Interested buyers please comment or drop me a PM! :-) Thank you!!!
20 March 2013 @ 08:28 pm

^ of TSW. THREE digits!!!!

In these 100 days, I've experienced so many ups and downs..... Thankfully, my skin is much better now and it's been quite good for one month, as in 30+ days without flares. I'm really super glad!!!!! Maybe it's the tcm helping? Although my physician is kinda arrogant and all but at least his medicine helps as opposed to those derms who just spam me with steroids. Ok enough about my skin hehe.

It's the march holidays study break now! I can't believe it's already Wednesday today..... I'm so unprepared for blocks although I really did put in effort to start revision early this time.. Sigh, willing to study is one thing, being able to study effectively is another. BUT, my current motivation is........ 8EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my DVD two days ago but still haven't had the chance to watch it. The plastic packaging is still intact. AFTER BLOCKS. When I have my own me-time, I shall watch it and let all the feels overwhelm meeeeeeeeeeeee~

Ok back to muggingggggggggg.

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30 November 2012 @ 02:56 pm
Today is November 30. Tomorrow is Decmber 1.
EH?! WHAT?! 2012 is ending soon?! Noooooooooo.

So. I spent my morning filing my papers. Mountains/piles/boxes of papers.
I even filed my tuition papers. I am so proud of myself.

I shall thus reward myself with two episodes of Janiben!
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